Friday, May 4, 2012



Love Robert Downey Jr. Love his lines. WHOOOOP!

Bev and I caught it on 3D...honestly nothing much? Haha.
But still loved it nevertheless. Thor was so cool and the Hulk is one of my fave too.
Outfit for today...

We went to Tony Roma's at Orchard! It's much more secluded compared to the one located at Suntec so there were lesser people. But it could also be because today's a Thursday? I don't know.
Totally appreciating the Thursday off hehe. Can choose to work or go out. (Y) 
Anyway we both had steak and it was so sinful. Esp bev's! He ordered fries and baked potato (A MUST TRY!) as sides, lots of starch.
Oh and the baked potato soup super good. MUST TRY! :-bd
The steak was great too but I realise I'd have preferred the salmon so yep, the next time we go there.......

Didn't take any photos because the moment the food arrived, we dug in! 
Service was good, ambience was good. Definitely going back there! 

Annnnd, a photo of us. 

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