Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Went to help out today and on my way home I saw this poor little kitty. It's actually quite friendly and it ran to me haha so cute.
I didn't see its mummy anyway though...
Told my mum and she said there's this auntie that will feed the cats around that area and she'll feed her too.

But I still can't help feeling sad that she's so small but she's facing the world alone.
Same goes for all kinds of animals, really.
I love cats and I love animals...but it's so sad that we can't help them all. Especially the ones who get abused by psycho beings. I don't understand why they are so sadistic to abuse animals who are so helpless.

And then there're people who get pets then get sick of them and decided to send them to the SPCA. That's why they say that pets are a lifetime responsibility. Not your life, but their lives. If you're getting a pet, you're responsible for it until the day it dies. Shower them with as much love that they are giving to you.
Abandoning pets are sick too. Sometimes I see hamster cages just thrown there with the hamsters still inside.  Gosh, it's just sentencing the hammies to a death sentence, no?
Then there are people who throw their cats and dogs and drive off. *shakes head*

I think one thing that makes humans really ugly is how they treat the other species which they consider "inferior". I saw this advertisement on discovery channel that says, "What if our role is to protect the other species?" Which makes sense doesn't it? Since we're the only ones who can talk and form civilizations and societies, perhaps the other species are depending on us to coexist with us in this world.

But instead... things are not going that way...

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