Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Went to have Handburger for dinner with ze sis on Sunday evening! :D
It wasn't as good as I expected, or maybe I chose the wrong burger? But I have a feeling Fatboy's Burgers and Bar will be so so much better. 

Chunky Mushroom Soup (Awesome! (Y) )

Cajun Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgz

The Handburger Dessert Burger. Now this one is special. It's actually bread with a chocolate 'patty', with cream cheese, some green apples and strawberry jam in between. Yumz but I got sick of it after a few bites.

And here's my sis! :D Thanks for the treat :x

Just came back from a great day out with my girls! Will blog when all the pictures are up on facebook. :>

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