Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I've been down with food poisoning for the past few days and it was truly HELL.
I can't eat anything without feeling nauseated and I can't sleep well with the constant need to rush to the toilet before my liquid poo gets out. Sigh.

Thank god I have the boy, he's been the sweetest.

I hope I'll be well again and will be able to eat like I used to. If not I won't be able to enjoy the weekend. My sister's bringing me to the hotel she works at for a 2D1N stay woohoo! It's like a mini getaway. I know I know, I'll still be in Singapore but hey, Four Seasons Hotel! :D

Aight aight, I need to get to work soon. But Olive's down, just when I'm all hyped to start on my individual presentation. Mann, so many individual assignments this sem, please let us get through them. :(

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