Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Spout@Heartland Mall


Went for breakfast at Double Spout, Heartland Mall just now.
The food was okay but the service sucks to the max.

So we approached the guy at the counter and he just showed us this small menu with the breakfast sets. So my sister asked if we need to order immediately so he was like "ya".
Then he changed his mind and decided we can take our time. So he asked us to take a seat (not showing us to our seats but asking us to walk into the small 'cafe' by ourselves).
Right, so after awhile he took our order and came back with my sis' tea and my coffee. Both with only one packet of sugar and no creamer AT ALL. I mean, which f&b outlet doesn't serve coffee/tea with creamer?! And are they so health conscious that they only give us a pack of sugar?
So I asked the guy again for creamer.
Me: Excuse me...
Guy: What you want? (in the pinoy accent)

I was super put off by this. "What you want?" seriously?! Whatever happened to "Yes, what can I get for you?"

So eventually I got my creamer and got my coffee done the way I like it. Then the food came. My set has scrambled eggs. But hey! No pepper/salt provided. Cmon, I paid $12.90 for this and I can't even get basic condiments? Decided that I was too lazy to ask for them so I just ate my scrambled eggs w/o pepper :(

My sister started to butter her toast. They provided those packet butter, it was fine, only that the butter was so hard we couldn't even spread it properly on the toast. Whuttt. I wonder if they keep their butter in the freezer. :/
Then the pinoy guy decided to be nice and asked if we need help to melt our butter. Why the sudden nice gesture?
After some observation, we found out that the "boss" is here so his service improved in split seconds.
We're not impressed with the "service recovery" at all. It's not even sincere and true? And believe me I'm not being bias just because he's pinoy. I've known of some of them who offer good service.

Basically, they don't know much about service. My sis and I both felt that if they want to survive at a neighbourhood shopping mall with such prices and the small space and limited seats, the best they can do is offer better service.

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