Saturday, July 14, 2012


The past week was draining.
Had less than 6 hours of sleep everyday and it all accumulated and resulted in an exhausted me. Maybe you'll think HUH?! 6 HOURS IS ALOT! But to someone who loves to sleep, like me, its insufficient k. :(

But! I loved how I spent my time last week. With friends doing projects and chionging together, then reserving my nights for the boy. Life's good when I get to see him and I love how we just make time for each other even though we're both busy and tired.

Sometimes I look back at my past relationships and I get paranoid and scared because I don't know if it'll happen to us too. I mean, this is how ALL relationships start out, no?
Sweet talking, falling in love, getting together, then things turn sour and the sparks are gone.
Although I've had a couple of relationships before, I'm still an amateur at keeping someone I love.
And sad to say, I haven't really mastered the art of controlling my temper, which I think is a major factor of all my failed relationships.

Time will tell, I guess?

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