Monday, December 12, 2011


I created a lock screen wallpaper for myself today... to keep away those people who touch my phone without permission.

Anyway! Today marks the first and last day of Mid-sems. Yes I only have one paper and it's term break! Whooo. Went for a sushi buffet celebration with the usuals after the paper.

Meeting B tmr, can't wait! But we're running out of places to go already. Emotional...any kind souls with good suggestions?

On a side note, Christmas is around the corner so I foresee a huge hole forming in my pocket. Plus I don't know what to get for Christmas gifts. The season of giving sure gives headaches!
This term break will be busy for sure. Meet ups with old friends (keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be awkward :( ), getting our projects done, etc. I don't really like term breaks actually, because it isn't exactly relaxing. I can't have fun with the projects weighing me down! But then again, I guess everyone needs a break for now.

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