Saturday, December 24, 2011


ZATA stands for Zhiting, Angie, Taffy & Agatha in case you're wondering. Well it's not hard to figure out heh.
We went to City Plaza to hunt for treasures! There's this shop where you can buy 12 different pcs of clothing for 50% off the total bill. Initially we thought it was 12 pc for $100 but meh, not a bad deal.
But I'm already broke after buying a top and a dress so I didn't really buy much in the 12 pc but at the last moment I bought a high waist denim jeans! Whoo! Damn tight though, need to lose some weight before I can look nice in it.
I'm sorry I forgot the shop name but it's somewhere around level 3(?). Good deal but their attitude can't be more sucky, sad to say.
Alright pictures here!
My girls! :)

Alright, thats about it! The chalet pictures are not uploaded yet :/

PS: I need a haircut. :(

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