Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walking Dead

I believe every HTM student now is a walker.

OMG, damn tired! Finally completed my final individual assignment, thank god.
And it's not done, I have accounting test on next Monday, which I've just realised I only have like 4 days to revise. Helpppp
But yea, I know everyone's going through the same thing and JC kidz prolly have it worse than us so yea, still glad that I chose poly and HTM. Not whining. :)

So I'm trying the updated blogger now, and it's really quite complicated but somehow it seems nicer. And I get to track my page views! Hehe, just realised my page views count is not one per day (from bev). I can even check where my traffic sources are. Cool shiat.

Right, now I'm waiting for my SafeAssign report to come out. Need to print and attach to the hardcopy of my report. Seriously...damn lehcheh.
I wish the student guides can be clearer about what is required. It's so tiring to have to make amendments to our assignments a few days prior to submission date.

And ouch, backache from sitting at the computer for too long. :(

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