Monday, January 30, 2012

Had a crazy weekend...
And I didn't hang out with my friends or what, just staying at home or down at the coffeeshop. And Sunday was spent on a reunion dinner with my mother side and then a gathering with my father side cuzzies.

So so, tired. Slept at 6+am on Sunday and I woke up just 5 hours later. Not even my minimum requirement of 7 hours' sleep. I don't know why but I feel that I'm making more effort in this semester in terms of projects and reports. Like I want to fine-tune the projects (of course that happens after the projects are DONE done.) so much because I'm worried that a simple mistakes can let us lose marks.
So disappointing to find that some group mates don't feel the same? Especially those who think they can just produce some lousy quality work and expect us to edit the work for them. Really can't stand him!!! >: (

I saw someone tweet, "Some people can be great friends but lousy project mates." So true! I think it puts me in a tough position if I'm unhappy about my friend's performance because it'll be hard to really tell them how I feel... Shouldn't let projects destroy my friendship unless absolutely necessary like if he or she really damn slack and stuff. As for those who're not even friends...different story. Ha.

Another 2-3 weeks, projects and presentations will be over! And after another week, exams will be over!
February 29 please come soon.

Poly makes me TOUGH.

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