Sunday, February 5, 2012


So my 19th was spent amidst submissions and presentations. But it didn't matter because I have this bunch and a handful of friends whom I'm grateful to for remembering my birthday.
This year's birthday was different too, because I have B around. He gave me the sweetest present I could ever receive and don't worry B, I won't make this year's birthday a benchmark. :P
Such a nice present, must hao lian abit!

That's right! My fav boy made me a dreamcatcher! MADE! MADEEEE!!! WITH HIS BARE HANDS! And he even made me a small one to use as a keychain!
And he surprised me at midnight on 2nd Feb. Hehe. I'm so touched. ♥

Rachy and Lily too, haha, they fooled me into thinking that they were meeting friends and stuff and got me my present! Haha, I didn't take any pictures but I love them all the same. :>

There are many things I don't deserve and these friends are one of them. Will do my best to cherish them. I have finally known which are the friends to hold close to my heart and which friends don't really care about me as much. I know now.

Anyway! Went to Chinatown with B today! Oakham Market was a  disappointment once again! :(
Always can't find stuff to buy + there are so many people today. So yea... But we did have a fun time chilling at Ann Siang Hill and squeezing blackheads! :)

Headed to Town for Wild Honey for dinner! It's an all day breakfast restaurant selling all types of breakfast. The food wasn't as good as I remembered though. But I'll definitely go back again to try the different breakfasts!

Top: Scandinavian - Grilled Salmon with Rosti, tomatoes and asparagus
The salmon was dope. But the sauce tasted weird and plasticky.
Bottom: Aussie - Rib-eye with fried egg, potatoes, tomatoes, home made baked beans with sauteed mushrooms.
B had this one. Didn't try the steak (cutting down on beef). He said it was a bit tough for medium rare.

Project meeting tomorrow so I need to catch some sleep!
Abrupt end to the post but I'll be back soon. ♥

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