Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smell of Freedom


Finally freed from Sem 2.2!!!

Except if I have to take sup paper but I don't think I need to, or at least I hope so? Made quite a few careless mistakes today! But I was too busy enjoying the thought of having nothing to do for the holidays to care much about the paper.

Pastamania for lunch with Rachel, Yanpoop, Yp, Kel, and of course, my favourite boy, B.
Then we played L4D for an insane 5 hours straight. Fully satisfied my "craving" to play some lan games.

Tomorrow will be yet another great day (Y).

 My pimple looks like a mole. Haha. 

Omg so tired!!! Will sleep early tonight!

Anyway, hater's gonna hate but I wouldn't hate/dislike you at all if you haven't been like that first. It's tiring to hate/dislike someone.

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