Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad Haircut

So Bev and I went for a haircut at Snip Avenue. What do you think? :(

I think it looks quite bad! My fringe became thin and too short for my liking. It looks even worse when I tie it up. And the back of my hair is squarish and it will "qiao" at the back. Fuck it, should have asked them to thin my hair properly.

Bee's hair was a mess too. The hairdresser sloped his hair! Whutttt. He's not a kiddo. NO SLOPES PLEASE.
I know wdi because it's Snip Avenue, $3.80 and it's really 一分钱一分货 but at least be professional right... Right now we just wish for our hair to grow really fast. :(

Ain't the sky pretty...? ♥

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