Friday, March 9, 2012


Can't stand it! I MUST RANT HERE!
So I heard that there might not be fare concessions for poly students and the disabled. Omg! How can this be! I mean ok, if you're not giving concessions to poly students, fine, but the disabled too? Aren't they supposed to need concessions more than anyone else?!
Argh, it's always been an issue, how JC kids get student fare and we have to pay the adult fare...and now this. Perhaps it's some government issue but I really don't get why JC kids (no offence to JC kids!) get to pay lower school fees AND lower transport fares while we have to pay $2,000+ per year and pay adult fare for our transport. Hey, we are students. Sure poly may not be as tough as JC but we don't have time to work for income as much as working adults do.

And what about people who stay on two ends of the island? Their transport expenses will increase so much more!
Pretty sure many other people are angry at this issue too.

The other day I was on a train along the green line and the train stopped for like 5-10 minutes...Plus I see occasion tweets from my friends about how the trains stop in their tracks... K, that's for trains. As for buses? We get shitty bus drivers who drive like they are competing in f1, braking every now and then and making our bus rides downright uncomfortable. In addition the bus frequencies suck too. Ok, this is getting nowhere. My point is, before you increase the fares, IMPROVE THE BLOODY TRANSPORT SERVICES FIRST!

Sigh. Not even in the mood to show you my pretty stickers now. :(

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