Saturday, March 24, 2012


I finally met Annlyn after decades!
The last time we saw each other was in the toilet at Ion I think. She was working at Samantha Thavasa or some high end boutique and I was working at Marmalade Pantry. Will be going back to Marmalade next week! YES MONEY COME IN!

Anyway, Annlyn and I went to Kith Cafe. It is located at 7 Rodyk Street and you can actually take 51 there, drop at Blk 2 on Havelock Road then cross the road. Using Google map helps alot. ;)

Some pictures! Love meeting this girl because she's one of those friends whom I can stop contacting for awhile yet still talk freely and clique well with. :)

Big Breakfast from Kith Cafe $14. Annlyn had spaghetti with homemade meatballs. I thought it wasn't so bad but she got sick of it. 
After that, we went to Toby's Estate for a drink! Drink meaning coffee and stuff, not alcohol.
I had orange juice. Yep, I know I should have went with some coffee but I figured that it'll prolly make me thirsty later so orange juice it is!

Still can't smile with teeth. 

We shifted outside because I thought the rain was small and harmless. But once we got out and chose a seat it started to pour. So we finished up our drinks, went to a nearby bus stop to get on a 51 to go to Bugis! Our shoes were wet, sorry Ann!

Had some sharetea and J.CO donuts, then we walked all the way to somerset, shopped around in F21/New Look then went home.

Well although we lead very different lives and meet up less often plus you're going to Japan next week (HAVE FUN!!!), let's stay in contact always alright? Love you always! :D