Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Went out today to celebrate Angela and Eric's belated birthdays. 
I don't think it was a successful outing because only a few turned up. I don't know how long it'll be till this clique is separated for real.
Actually, maybe it wasn't even a clique in the first place...just a group of people having fun together. It's like we come together to have fun but only a few will truly hang out more often and become closer. Then the rest of us will be like, scattered (?).

Anyway, some pictures of Bev and I. He's becoming a regular on my blog.

Walked home from Nex with the boy just now. Sometimes I just love long walks, especially with someone close to your heart whom you can talk about anything to. I realised that no matter what we talk about, the topic will somehow drift to life and we both agree that being good-looking + rich will bring you further, it's like you're already have an advantage over others. Let's not talk about those people who get judged as bimbos or whatever because they are good-looking... I'm sure you'll be more well-liked and people will treat you better if you're pretty.
As for wealth, well, quite straightforward. You're rich, you can afford more; better chance at pursuing future education, a more or less stable and certain future... Whereas if you're not as well-off, you'll just have to take the harder route. And your kids in the next generation will be poor if you don't make it and the cycle continues... :(
Bev is always saying that we work so hard to work even harder and at the end of the day, we die, everyone dies, our loved ones die too. Truth is, I've yet to find my purpose in life at this point... I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I don't even know if I can manage to get a degree and how long it'll really take and how much hardship I must go through before I obtain one.

Sigh! Such is life.

On a brighter note, check out my new phone casing!!! Love it so much, hope it'll last!
I found it in Comics Connection at $5 each with many colours like baby pink/blue/green/purple...and oh black and white. And this really nasty shade of green. Got purple after deciding for awhile. The Eiffel Tower sticker was added by me (those stickers from Urban Write!!!)
It's quite unlike me to choose any colour over pink. But the pink has this really dull shade so yep, purple is prettier! :D

Time to start getting disciplined and go for runs. I dare not even weigh myself now. :/

You mean so much to me, I hope we'll make it through. :)

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