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Hi everybodehhh I'm here to finish up on my Bali posts! I hope they are helpful to you in some ways, like if you're planning a trip to Bali or something. Maybe you'll change your mind after reading my posts (just kidding!)

Day 3 was more adventurous! Partly because of the water sports and because we went exploring on ourselves without our driver for awhile.
So yep, woke up extra early to go for a dip in the pool! I think I used it twice during my stay there. Not bad la hor? At least twice!

Urgh bare faced. Wish I had better features :'(


Here's the view from mum's villa! Much prettier. 

Mum is ALWAYS camera shy.

We went to Nusa Dua for our water sports activities! I heard that parasailing is a MUST-TRY when you go to Bali. But unfortunately, the wind condition didn't allow us to enjoy it so yep.. 
So we arrived at the beach and this guy approached us to let us choose from a list of water sports that we want to try. So we took Glass Bottom Boat + Trip to Turtle Island + Snorkeling (1 hr) + Banana Boat (15mins). It cost us a total of $300 for all four of us. So proud of mum for joining us despite having a phobia of water and being over paranoid about tsunamis and stuff. :)
I think the package wasn't too expensive! But I really really think that we went at the wrong time. Well, we went during the windy season so our snorkeling was ruined by the waves...the water was murky, can't see shit, and the waves were too strong. :(

Random dog basking in the sun~
The supposed glass bottom boat. See the green rectangle? That's the glass. -.- 
And with the speed of the boat, all we could see when we looked down was white foam and more white foam. Niceeee.

Anyway we took the boat ride to Turtle Island first. Saw sea turtles for the first time in my life, I think! 
So cute.. 
The huge ones! 

Here's an iguana!


GIANT BAT. I never dreamed that I would touch a bat. The texture was...weird, like velvet? Wrinkly velvet.

Kiki and Miki! Mum couldn't stop touching them. 

Snorkeling. Although we paid for an hours' worth of snorkeling, we came up after less than 30 mins and never wanted to go back down again. Oh and we didn't dare to let go of the buoy because the waves were so strong! I tried letting go once and floated like 1 meter away from them and couldn't get back to them even though I kicked my legs and stuff. It was scary. And did I mention that I don't know how to swim? :/ THANK GOD I HAVE MY LIFE JACKET. 
Yep and like I mentioned earlier, we couldn't see anything except fishes with yellow and black stripes. NO FUCKING NEMO. WHERE'S MY NEMO. >: (

It really wasn't my idea of snorkeling, simply put. 

Oh banana boat wasn't too bad! Enjoyed the 15 mins of it hehe. See that guy sitting in the front? 
I was so mad at him. He told us to jump off the boat when we're nowhere near the shore. So we did and got a shock because the water was so deep! Not only that, the wind was so strong that it blew the boat AND THE BOAT CAPSIZED ON US! >: (
It was super scary, especially for someone who doesn't know how to swim (me!) okay? I drank so much seawater I think I would have healed some ulcers hahaha.

The package included a dvd! SO COOL. Throughout our activities, our guides will help us take videos and photos of us and burn them into a dvd like this. Haha, so cute, they even printed our photos on the disc. :)

So after our water sports, we were all feeling cheated because we didn't really enjoy them. Papa felt that they should at least cancel some activities because it is for sure that they won't turn out well like SNORKELING. But yea, what's done is done!
OH PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO SHOWERS! And bring your own towel because if you don't have you'll have to rent them at 10,000 RP per towel. HAHA. 

So we dried ourselves and got back onto the car and headed to Kuta Beach!!! 
Kuta beach is a famous place for surfing. But that day when we got there, the waves were so huge and scary that there wasn't anyone in the water. 

We went to Hard Rock Cafe! Jie wanted to buy some souvenirs from the shop. We wanted to have our lunch/dinner at the cafe but papa wanted to eat caofan. So we wandered around and found this place called The Rych Concept - Nanxiang. 
Click HERE for their website! I didn't take any photos because the food was so great and we were all starving. Tsk, should have taken a photo of how it looks like! My bad! 
If you ever visit Kuta, GO TO NAN XIANG!! They serve western and eastern food. A bit like Tzu Char. They have the best chicken schnitzel ever! It's so tender and juicy...Oh it makes me hungry thinking of it now. 
Their beehoon, fried rice and kway teow are rather good too! We also tried their crispy bebek (duck). Hmm, it's basically just deep fried duck. But I still prefer my ducks roasted. Worth a try, nevertheless! 
Photobucket Photobucket
Poor ponies. 
Poor pony, they think its a zebra.
We shopped around Kuta at the Matahari Shopping Mall Street. Didn't buy much because the shops are mostly for surfers? Like Billabong, Surfer Girl, etc. There was a Paul Smith but we suspect it's fake, haha. 
So we ventured further to a place full of souvenirs! And we walked all the way to the Discovery Shopping Mall. 
Bought more souvenirs from there. There weren't many shops there. It looks like a huge shopping mall but when you enter it, it actually has a really high ceiling. Lol. They do have Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, Roti Boy, etc. 

SO ANYWAY, met our driver and went back to the villa feeling tired and sticky! 
But looook, this was placed in our room! :) 
Yes! We celebrated Mum's birthday there because its only one day after the trip. Looks good, right? According to sis and mum, it tastes really good too. Black forest with cherry liquor, made by my sis' friend, the pastry chef. How sweet. :)

Ended off day 3 with  family photo. <3

Ok so Day 4 was really bad because we were quite cranky and all we wanted was to get back home ASAP. 
This was what happened. Our driver came to pick us up at the resort and drove us to the airport. When he dropped us off, he said we must pay some immigration tax. It was 150,000 RP (Roughly $20+) per person and totally unexpected!!! I mean, you should have told us earlier so that we can put aside some money for this lame tax right? 
Ok nevermind, we went to the counter and asked if we could pay the tax in SGD because we don't have enough RP left. The person was like "Oh can but $20 more." 

So we went to exchange another $50 worth of RP at the money changer nearby to pay for the tax. I mean, if it's you, would you pay an extra $20? 
After paying the tax we went to check in early. The check in officers were super unfriendly. They threw our passports back to us after checking them. ARGH, pissed me off. 
Checking in early was a mistake because there's nothing to do after you've checked in! The shops sell chips and stuff. And the cafes are empty because the staff are squatting outside the shops... Ok...? We should have went to the Mcdonald's outside and have lunch first. :'(
Anyway we found Coffee Bean and we were so happy! But the happiness was really short lived. Their service was so lousy!!! And my mum saw a rat run into their small kitchen. A rat. In a cafe. In the airport. 

 So yeap, that sums up my trip. 
Now that I think of it, it really wasn't so bad la, but I'm just glad to be home AND I don't think I'll go back again. 

Thanks for reading! (L)

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