Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3rd March

I went out with my four girls on Saturday, yep! We went to have some pancakes at Strictly Pancakes and then we headed off to the Maritime and Experiential Museum/Typhoon Theatre @ RWS.
It's been awhile since we went out properly since we've been splitted into three different classes and schoolwork was crazy... The last time we hung out together was only to have dinner!
Strictly Pancakes was good, but I got so bloated I think I'll be staying away from there for awhile...Yanqi didn't get to try the pancakes but don't worry! We'll go back some day! :D
Anyway the museum was cool. Wasn't really enthu about the thought of visiting a museum at first but it really turned out to be quite interesting! Ok actually I didn't really pay attention to the exhibits, just really had fun with the interactive stuff like some colouring station (young kid at heart ;) ), photo taking station and this passport which you can collect your stamps with. Besides, it's reaaaally cheap. We paid only $8 (student price) for both the museum entry fee and for the Typhoon Theatre.
Basically it's about the whole maritime trade industry during the olden days. So if you're interested, go on ahead!
The Typhoon Theatre was great too. It's the first time I've been to a 4D show... So in the show, we're crews on a ship and the ship met a typhoon and it started shaking and we had water sprinkled on us..., etc etc. I think quite worth it leh. $6 for the show...

Can't wait for my hair to grow :'( Anway I saw this really pretty Vespa.

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