Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today was great! I've never felt so relaxed since the submission week started and I'm glad today was spent with my fave boy.

Anyway, yep, ended school at around 1, had lunch at Mensa and headed to Bugis with B! Impromptu shopping and he came along although he was tired (I KNOW YOU ARE, STOP LYING!).
Totally appreciate his existence, totally appreciate how he'll go the extra mile to make me happy. I'm so glad I found you, never thought I would find another one who'll treat me so well.

My blog is filled with you, be honoured!
I'm kidding. YDI! :D

So excited! Submission for the last report of the semester due tomorrow and we can finally catch a breath before preparing for the main exams and a tiny test that comes before it. I can't wait for the holidays!
On a side note, we got a C for our FEM report which is so depressing because most of the mistakes made are in the parts I did. Although I know that it's a group thing, I still can't help feeling that I pulled the team down. :(

Alright that's all for today!

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