Friday, February 24, 2012

Mad World

Trying out the new blogger app nowww. Very fast, I like.

Feeling so troubled once again. Feeling like I'm not being accepted socially. It's depressing, really...I mean I'm kot being whiny or what and I definitely don't feel like telling anyone (even b, lest he worries again) because it's a repetitive issue but I really needed to rant so here I am.

19 years of my life, I've met many friends and had many good friends. But I never really have one that I can proudly call my bestfriend. Really envy people who have someone there for them 24/7 because that's what bestfriends do. I keep deceiving myself, saying my soulmate should be my bestfriend and stuff but let's face it, every girl needs a girl bestfriend sometimes...
And now I just feel really empty inside Sure, I've met people who treat me like I'm precious to them, but I just can't be comfortable to call them my bestfriend because deep inside I know they're not. Not someone who knows me best, not someone who'll always be there for me..just not.
I'm not being picky here, or at least trying not to (I tend to notice people's flaws...)... Well maybe I, myself, is not a bestfriend material as well.

Sigh, I'm stuck in this cycle. One moment I'll feel blessed and loved, the next moment the depression phase will set in again.
Do you get this feeling that everyone secretly hates/dislikes you?

I really do sometimes. :(

Here are the stickers I couldn't not buy.

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