Saturday, April 7, 2012

Date w Bewww

Hey, how have you been?
Been working for the past two days, so I haven't had time to blog!

Went out with B on Monday! Rare day because usually I'll reserve my Mondays for mum and papa because that's their only off day in a week. But yep, made an exception because it's been too long since we last went out properly!

Caught John Carter, like FINALLY. We wanted to watch it since long ago but bev kept thinking that I didn't want to watch and so we didn't and yada yada, silly. :)
Managed to catch it before it stopped screening! I had to say it was really...overrated? Ok I only saw one friend tweeted that it was awesome/great so that's my expectation of it.
Halfway through the movie, me and bev got so tired of the storyline that we kept shifting in our seats and sighing ahaha don't ask me why! But yea, it's quite interesting, I guess. I don't like the cast though...hah.

It really was a regular date, like movie + shopping + dinner but I'm so glad to be able to spend one whole day with my beloved b. :)

Hot Tomato is one of my favourite restuarant!!! The food's good, especially the salmon, WHOOOO! Love the salmon. The price is reasonable and the service is not too bad despite the number of pinoys working there.

Bev's mixed grill

My seafood combo, yum. It's just Dory, Salmon and Prawn la actually

Yep, that's about all. Bye for now! Will be back to blog about my outing with the girls!! :)

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