Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kelantan Lane CKT!

I know how much I complain about having to help out at my father's stall, yada yada. But it's usually just momentary and I'm actually quite proud of the stall because I think my parents sell yummy food! :D

Alright, shall do a short entry on what we sell. I know, it's a little too late because the stall's been opened for like a year and here I am doing a proper intro post. Anyway, whatever I will say in this post will be true and from the bottom of my heart, not just because I want to help my parents advertise or put in a good word for their food ok?

So here's the stall front, can see my handsome father cooking!
Just kidding.
K, we are located at Blk 246, Hougang Ave 3 (click to view google map)

The images on the signboards are not very accurate, so I'll show you some photos of the real dishes produced! 
Char Kway Teow $2.50/$3
The reason why my father chose to name the stall "Kelantan Lane CKT" is because we used to sell only CKT along that area and apparently business was rather good until we had to leave for some reasons. So I believe he wants to let his customers back then know that this is where he is now. And yep, some customers that patronize our stall now really had his CKT since that long ago. I remember I was like... maybe 7? So it's roughly 12 years ago. 
Personally, I'm not a fan of CKT because I've always been disappointed by how different the aroma and the actual taste is like. Nonetheless, my friends love my father's CKT! So I don't see why you can't give it a try. :) 
Besides, many customers told us that they find the traditional taste in his char kway teow... :-o
Black Carrot Cake $2/$3
I absolutely LOVE black carrot cake! Yep, I prefer black to white because it's sweeter. Especially when it's super spicy and sweet... SHIOK! 
White Carrot Cake $2/$3
Our white carrot cake is yummy too, for customers who prefer something less sweet and more fragrant. :) 
Fried Oyster! $3/$4/$5
My parents have been to many places to sell their food but this is the first time they decided to sell fried oyster AND oyster egg. Many customers get mixed up, fried oyster is the one with flour, while oyster egg is really just oyster omelette! 
I've never been a fan of oysters until I ate my parents'! I think it's really worth a try for people who like fried oysters. Especially since the price is super affordable and reasonable compared to outside prices.

If you need more directions you can mail me!!!

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