Friday, April 27, 2012

MBS & School


Ok abit act cute. Anyway yep, so last Friday, before school started, I had the luxury of staying at MBS hotel!
Yep, my aunt has got a room there and so she invited me to join her on her little getaway-but-still-in-Singapore!

I didn't take much pictures, but I did get some shots of the famous view from the bridge to MBS. And of course the view from the room. Taken with iphone but good enough for me! Here you go! :D

My aunt called these "nehpok"s ahahahha

We had dinner at Tony Roma's which is a famous place for ribs. I'm not a fan of ribs but I love their steak!
Their french onion soup was a little too salty but the onion loaf was dope! :-bd

We went shopping around Marina Sq and caught Battleship. Loved the movie. I thought it's weird that Rihanna should appear in such movies but I was wrong! She's quite a natural actor. :)

Had a wonderful night at the hotel room because the bed was so so comfortable. I only got up to pee and fell asleep almost instantly. Not a fan of super soft beds, I prefer hard ones!
After we checked out the next morning, we bought some desserts from SweetSpot, a dessert and pastry shop only available at the MBS! :x
 Their Mille Feuille is a MUST-TRY, I LOVE IT. 

Well, on a side note, school has started and look at these cute gifts I got from Hummy from Korea! :x

 Mixed feelings about school, really.
On one hand I'm getting bored of the holidays,on the other, I'm really sian about the thought of projects. YET, I can't wait for the projects to start. :-/

Gah, anyways, school starting means seeing more of bb! Although we ended up in different classes, I'm glad to at least have similar lunch breaks with him, although we can't really go to school together... :(
Alright, here's a smile from the happy boy!

And me in case you missed me! (Jk)

Ending off with Tyki showing her "Are you fucking kidding me?" expression in case you missed her haha.

Goodnight! Oyasumi! Haha

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