Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fallen from the sky

It's Friday the 13th and also our 7th month today. It's really fast, seems only yesterday, we got together! just kidding, not so exaggerated la. 
Anyway Bev and I went to quite a number of places today! Which is really good because usually we're lost, like don't really know where to go for dates and stuff. We had so much fun I can't stop smiling to myself now. 

Oh and yesterday was even more unbelievable! I was hanging at his house then suddenly his father asked if we wanted to eat dinner together with him. And the dinner location is actually Trader's Hotel's Cafebiz! It's actually a international buffet spread at $75 per person and I was honestly really embarrassed to have his father spend so much on me (even though its 3 for the price of 2). Ate so much I swear I thought I'd puke that night. Anyway yea, the main point is I'm so happy to hang out with Bev's father, because it makes me feel closer to him more than ever. :) 
Sorry I didn't take pictures of the food at the buffet! Like quite impolite leh! But they have seafood (everything from crab to lobster to oyster, etc), roast duck, indian, mexican and japanese sushi as well. Oh and the chinese stuff like stir fried kai lan, pig's trotter, etc etc. Hmm, really sumptuous and worth the $75 for those big eaters! 

Ok let's get back to today. We went to Haw Par Villa. I know, I know! WHUTTT? You must be thinking huh? what a place to go for a date. But yep, it's a place I have never been to in my life and Bev only went when he was really young so we thought hey, why not? Let's just go take a look. 
It would have been better if the weather wasn't so insane. The both of us were so sweaty and sticky by the time we reached the Ten Courts of Hell exhibit which is quite near the entrance.

Didn't get what we paid for! 

Bev's always unlucky when it comes to photos. He ALWAYS blinks at the wrong time. 

Once again, I'm really impressed by iphone 4's camera. I think the sunny day made it even clearer. Of course I'm not talking about the ones taken using front camera! 


We only saw the Ten Courts of Hell, Eight Immortals and Journey to the West. Reason being the hot weather was really unbearable and I'm really mostly interested in the Ten Courts of Hell. 
Well, for the few of you who haven't been to Haw Par Villa, the Ten Courts of Hell is actually an exhibit showing the different punishments you'll receive for the bad deeds that you've done in your life. It spooks me because it seems that you can get punished for almost everything, so there's no escaping. Didn't take pictures because it was kinda dark inside.. 

OH OH, and there was this mirror of retribution! It's supposed to show what you look like in your past life. I SAW SOMETHING! GO TAKE A LOOK!!!



And again, eyes closed! Haha.


Seriously the photos are clearer than photos taken using Canon digital camera!:-O
"WTF is the statue of liberty doing here?!"






西游记! Used to be one of my favourite shows. 

Finally, defeated by the sun, we decided to head elsewhere...

So our next stop was Holland Village! Basically we're just hanging around the stops along circle line haha. We went to Holland Village Shopping Centre but it's really just a place selling tourist stuff and offering pedi/mani, selling traditional costumes and stuff, yep. So we got bored and wandered around and it got hot again so we escaped to the MRT station again and headed to our next location.

Before our date, we agreed to try out Fat Boy's Burger Bar! 
I saw so many of my friends posting about this place so I thought it's a must-try!!! 
We went to the one beside Long House (this famous place for good food (?) ), nearest MRT station is at Marymount along the Circle Line and you can actually take 410 from the nearest bus stop then walk a short distance. 
Here's the menu! 

You can also create your own burger (a little like Strictly Pancakes! :) ) but I decided to stick to the specialty ones for today.
Bev ordered the Fat Basterd (deliberate spelling) and me, being a mushroom lover, ordered Swiss Shroom. We even ordered some Chilli Cheese Fries as sides. We expected the food to take awhile to arrive but it was quite fast! Maybe because we went early? Like around 6:30pm and there were hardly any people YET.

Fat Basterd.

Chilli Cheese Fries. It doesn't look very good but it's NOT TOO BAD. Spicy with beef bits but the fries tend to be a little too dry? Same for the chips that came with our burgers. 

I thought the food wasn't too bad, we spent like $45 with drinks and all. My burger was only $12.50, it is cheaper than Handburger! But I think the ambience at Handburger should be nicer and hopefully the service too? We didn't expect much from the service here because of the reviews we read online, but aiya, no service charge, so you can't expect much either!

After our dinner, Bev and I went to  take 132 from the bus stop near Long House to go straight to Hougang. Our next stop was Joe's Corner Cafe & Bar!
Chanced upon this place when I was playing around with so I did a little research and found out that the chocolate lava cake is popular there! 
It is located near the Punggol Nasi Lemak area, behind Domino's Pizza, to be exact. 

I ordered Latte and Bev ordered Ice Blended Toffee Coffee (?) and of course the chocolate lava cake! 
Ok it looks like a piece of charcoal here but it's really quite good. 

When I took the first bite, I thought it tasted like what I will smell whenever I step into a pet shop. Yes, it's quite weird! But then I ate it when the chocolate that oozed out and omg it was delicious! Man, should have taken a picture of it cut into half with all the chocolate flowing out... But anyway, this is worth a try as well. :) 

Went home after this, both bloated and Bev couldn't really walk HAHA. 

Had so much fun with you today bee. Can't wait for our next date :x

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