Friday, April 13, 2012


HELLO! I'm back as promised with updates on my little dinner date with ZATA! Ok that's me, Taffy, Angie and Agatha in case you don't know. 
It was a really short meet up and we only had dinner and hung out for awhile but it's always good to meet up with these girls every once in a while because we can tell one another stuff in our daily lives that we're having troubles with and just give comments that can be helpful or really useless yet funny. Yep, LOVE THEM TO BITS!!! 




Skinny girls have double chins too!

Anyway and we were talking and I found out a disgusting thing about this certain someone.
It really made me feel...really disappointed and angry(?) because of the amount of trust I put on him.
But anyway, it's over already so...yep!

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