Monday, June 4, 2012

Cosy time

So we're required to do a restaurant review for one of our assignments and I went to Tea Cosy with the girls, Rachel, Li Lian and Yanqi!

It's located at Plaza Singapura, right beside Spotlight. Easily overlooked as a shop selling ornaments and stuff! 

Decos on the wall. All of which are on sale! 

General layout of the restaurant. Quite true to its name - cosy.

Yanqi and I~

Tea served in BEAUTIFUL tea cup and plate but ugly tea pot. 

Mushroom soup.

Baked mushroom, overrated!

My steak. 

Rachel's portobello wrapped in bacon!!! Y DID I CHOOSE STEAK...

Some ornaments for sale.

Creme brulee for dessert! Not a fannn!

Chit-chat session with the girls for like 1 hours plus. The food wasn't awesome, but the company was!

A collage made by lily!

Till then.

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