Monday, June 18, 2012

Retail Therapy

Happy Father's Day!

So I met Annlyn today for some retail therapy because she wanted to get some necklace and I wanted to get some things off my mind.
Yep. We went to the weekly flea at Scape! Not much! I got a pair of shoes for $15 which doesn't fit perfectly, a $10 dress which is too short for comfort and a $2 top. Even so, it was a day well spent with one of my closest friend of all, and yea, as much as my buys didn't seem satisfying, the retail therapy did work and I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment. :)

Oh I got a f21 shorts. Denim shorts again, I really love shorts... Time to stock up on something more mature because I'll be 20 soon.

Anyway! We had dinner at Pique Nique @ Takashimaya. It was good! The food was great although the service SUCKED (will elaborate on that later).

Pique Nique Big Breakfast. I love love love breakfasts!!! 
Wild Honey, The Loft Cafe, etc... Yummeh.

Sticky Date!!!!
So surprised to see sticky date here. Pardon the suaku me, but I really did think that marmalade was the only place with Sticky Date. The sticky date here tastes roughly the same, if not better! AND at a cheaper price too. :)

My dearest Annlyn trying to make everything artsy with instagram hahaha

Alright, when we walked into Pique Nique, well all was good until I flipped open my menu and realised that all the pages were stained with coffee! X(
So I got the waitress' attention (trust me it wasn't easy) and she gave me a new menu without any apology at all! X( 
Maybe I'm being anal about it but I don't see why I don't deserve an apology ok. Like what we learn in school, a dirty menu means a dirty kitchen! I could have walked out! 
Took us another 5 minutes and prolly like 20 waves before we could get the waitress' attention to take our orders and everyone working there seemed to have difficulty smiling to anyone but their own staff, really. 8-|

NEVERTHELESS, the food was good and the price reasonable. So I will be going back for more! :)

Chilled at Starbucks with Ann afterwards and we talked for so long! The initial plan was to kill time until 10pm so that she can bump into her train eyecandy (hehe exposed) but we ended up talking until 11pm before we finally left. 

 I love today and I love you, Ann! :x

Time to do some work now....

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  1. i love you too! and omg my train eye candy exposed haha!