Sunday, June 24, 2012

Something worth smiling for...?

1. F&B project is finally 4/5 done. 123 pages worth of Appendices cool shiat.

2. Jie is back from Korea and she bought me 14 stickers... I love them!


3. Jie bought cute shirts for me. Love them too!

4. Jie also bought a couple of other goodies and she said Korea is a nice place to splurge AND that she'll bring me there the next time! :D

5. I finally summoned the courage and will to delete your photos and contact from my phone. I think this will let me have more self discipline to not text you. This is the beginning of the end, I guess... But I think it's good for both you and I. You'll get more peaceful days and I'll be happier. 

Alright DPD let's go.

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