Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Loft Cafe + Le Chocolat

Hello there!

So I met a bunch of great people on Friday, Annlyn, Alexa and Shi Jie!
It's been ages since I saw Annlyn and even more so for Alexa and Shi Jie. Haha so yea we went to The Loft Cafe. It's a cute little cafe at Chinatown, along South Bridge Road. It's quite easy to locate, just opposite Ann Siang Hill :)

I've never seen such nice handwriting on chalkboard haha! :D

My breakfast platter. $16.80, totally worth it! But I'm not a fan of yogurt and muesli (the thing in the middle) and the toast (which I suspect is panini) is SUPER HARD, didn't touch those. 

Alexa's Short Stack with Cinammon Apple. Not bad!

Annlyn's Farmer Omelet. Not bad too! But I'd rather pay a couple of dollars more for the platter, see.

Quite a nice place, nicely furnished, nicely decorated. Compared to STRICTLY PANCAKES, this place is like a mansion. Lol ok maybe not a mansion but you catch my drift. 

All in all, it's a nice place to hang out and have pancakes/waffles. My platter was nice, not awesome but satisfactory! I'm definitely going back for the pancakes and waffles and maybe try their pasta? :)
I think if you're considering going to Strictly Pancakes, why not try this place instead? 

Alright you must be thinking ok the post is ending but NOPEEE.
After our dinner we wandered into Ann Siang Hill and Annlyn fell in love with that place but yep, that's beside the point. We found a place for dessert! Although I was super bloated from my platter, well you know what they always say, there's always room for DESSERTS. 

So we chose Le Chocolat Cafe by the Club Hotel, mainly because the prices are less steep and there are less Angmohs, not that I dislike Angmohs but they were drinking and smoking...

Here's my Molten Lava Cake! SUPER DISAPPOINTING. I was expecting some real chocolaty goodness to ooze out when I cut into it but NOPE, just...dough. :(

Shi Jie's Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream! Alright, it looks super good, tastes super good. But it's really jelat (eat a lot will get sick).

Alexa's Coco Berry drink. :)

I can't have dessert without some English Breakfast Tea, also known as Teh-O. I mean I need the tea to "wash away" the sweetness. Not a sweet dessert fan here but I do have cravings sometimes. :)

And lastly, a poorly taken photo of us! 

Yep, but nevertheless, I had a great time with these three. :x
Oh before I go, isn't this a pretty dress! 

And here's Tyki in case you missed her! Peekaboo! Ok maybe not, her eye looks fierce. 

Jie left for a 2 week Korea trip yesterday. Cue loneliness... :(

Truth be told, I miss you like hell. 

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