Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sometimes I still think to myself, "Hey, maybe all this is just a joke, or a way for him to test my feelings for him." But I gotta wake up my idea. If I know you well enough, which I think I do, you wouldn't do that to us.

The old you would never do that to us.

I wish I could erase you. Not so that I can forget you, but so that I can stop feeling this pain. This intense heartache that no girl, no one, should ever have to feel.
Not a day went by since 5th June when I don't think of you and us. Everyday, every place, every song, every item, every word, every voice in my head all remind me of you. This is why I can't get over it. 

Loving someone knowing that he won't love you back but really can't stop loving him. #10worstfeelingsever

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