Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's the second time I've been through this...and these few days, I've cried enough, it's time to strengthen up.

Looking back on what we had, the 8 months plus relationship was really filled with ups and downs. I can only regret on my part for taking you for granted too many a times and perhaps that led to the end of us...inevitably.
Yet I wished that you fought harder for us, instead of the way it ended, I wished we tried harder.
Then again, words are easier than actions, maybe if I was in your position (tired and needing a break), I would have done the same?

I'm not gonna be cliche and start saying stuff like "thanks for the memories", etc, like I would back when I was...14? But I'll really like to thank you for treating me like a princess for the 8 months, giving in to me every now and then, taking great care of me, and many countless things that make my heart ache when I think about them now.

I'm glad there's no third person involved...because it might make me lose my trust in men forever because you're so decent...
But I can't help but wished we had something more because although our personalities may clash sometimes, you being the boring woodblock and me wanting to have more fun while I'm young, I see chemistry in us. This little world we formed for ourselves, saying things that only we will laugh about, the lingos...they seem so far away now! If only I had the will to turn back time, I would make changes, make sure the spark never went away, make sure our quarrels are only for the best reasons and that we make up immediately with a kiss.

But that's impossible.
Time to come back to reality.

I understand that you did what you deemed fit, and it was for the better for both of us. You said you weren't mature enough for this relationship, but you are, you really are. Your next girl will be so lucky to have you, trust me. :)

For now, we go back to being just friends...I wonder if fate will bring us back together again. Till then, I'll give you a break, like what you wanted, stop pestering you before I get too irritating and pathetic.
Goodbye, B.
Here's my favourite picture of us! What a smile! :D

PS: Here's something which made me smile. If you're feeling down or something, it might do the same for you!

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